'The Elder Scrolls VI' Latest News & Update: Bethesda Not Yet Working for a Sequel, Busy with New Titles Instead

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 28, 2016 09:03 PM EDT

Game developer Bethesda quashed rumors surrounding "The Elder Scrolls VI" and those speculations that it is already under development. Bethesda's PR head, Pete Hines stressed that they issued statement earlier that they will make the sixth iteration of this popular franchise - eventually.

Ok, what caused the players to jump into conclusion is the word used in "The Elder Scrolls VI" statement. After all, "eventually" is indeed a nebulous word when employed in gaming context. However, Pines admits that this caused too much confusion and expectants thought that it is already under development. So to set the records straight, Bethesda made it clear that there will be "The Elder Scrolls VI" in the future but they have not yet started making it.

Actually, it is not only "The Elder Scrolls VI" that caused confusion. The same situation happened with other Bethesda titles "Rage" and "The Evil Within," Game Revolution reported. Apparently, Bethesda titles are highly-coveted to the point that paranoia looms whenever there are talks of potential sequels. At any rate, Pine stressed that he is not joking nor hyping up "The Elder Scrolls VI" but its just that nobody currently has a hand in this sequel.

If Bethesda is quite busy nowadays that they can't afford time yet for "The Elder Scrolls VI," then what's taking up their time? Push Square said that studio director Todd Howard confirmed that they are working on new IPs. Further, the gaming isn't finished yet since last year' release of "Fallout 4."

What could be taking too much of Bethesda's attention away from "The Elder Elder Scrolls VI" is the online version of its predecessor. It is being bombarded by contents and the developer is having a good time hauling players from RPG niche. Then "Dishonored 2" is also taking much of its resources. So in the end, it all boils down to a premise that however huge Bethesda is, they have several equally compelling titles that are making their plate full.

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