‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Updates: Bundle Deal With Sony Could Be Hello Games’ Last Ticket At Redemption

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 29, 2016 08:33 AM EDT

Sony will reportedly include “No Man’s Sky” in a special bundled deal soon, a flicker of hope that can aid Hello Games who is in need of a much-needed push. Most are aware of the disappointments that the space exploration game has experienced though patch updates could reverse all that.

Apparently, Hello Games cannot do it alone. Things they have to address are game performance and making each planet unique. Considering “No Man’s Sky” is comprised of 18 quintillion planets, that is a lot of ground to cover.

As far as reeling back players who have opted to pass, “No Man’s Sky” may need a new PR aid. This is not a dish at the poor strategy employed before the game came out but rather help to come from Sony. With the PS4 coming out with bundled games, “No Man’s Sky” could get a big boost with its (forced?) inclusion PS4 bundle deal.

The "No Man's Sky" ploy is risky on the part of Sony so Hello Games will need to hold up its end of the bargain. This includes making sure that the patches are indeed coming out. If not, this becomes an opportunity loss not only for the tech giant but for “No Man’s Sky” as well, per reports.

So far, “No Man’s Sky” has only seen the release of patch 1.09 back in September, IGN reported. More are expected considering the game has a lot of ground to cover. The player base is declining though Sean Murray and company are still confident they can turn things around.

On the part of customers taking up Sony on the bundled deal, the response is divided. Some were apparently looking to see some better game bundled with the PS4 rather than a flop in “No Man’s Sky”.

Hence, the stakes are up for both Sony and Hello Games. It could work or see folks ending up ignoring the game altogether. “No Man’s Sky” may be down to its last chip and Sean Murray needs to make that one count.

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