Green Lantern Comes To 'Infinite Crisis' [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter , Updated Apr 12, 2013 05:28 PM EDT

You can't have a DC crossover game without the guy with an alien ring as his source of power. WB Games and Turbine are making "Infinite Crisis," a MOBA set within the crisscrossing dimensions of the DC Comics universe. Different versions of Batman, for instance are available as playable characters. But today's post isn't about the bat, it's about the lantern. The Green Lantern.

For more info about "Infinite Crisis," from the champion list to beta details, head over here.

As for good ole' Hal, he's taking on the role of a slow-moving combat support in "Infinite Crisis," employing a huge area-of-effect jet-slam move and a slowing "constrict" move, among others, while forced to tackle slow movement speed. Check out his full move set and usefulness on the battlefield din the video below.

"Infinite Crisis" is set for a PC-exclusive release sometime later this year.

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