'Mystic Messenger' News & Update: Know Otome Trend & Why Game is a Hit!

By Arianne Gift , Updated Oct 31, 2016 05:14 AM EDT

Ambiguity has a wiggle room most of us are bound to enter. This is precisely what "Mystic Messenger" is all about.

Created for the female market, "Mystic Messenger," which is available via Google Play and iOs, creates a virtual reality that allows players to fall in love or fall into confusion. Either way, proclaiming Otome game "entertaining" is an understatement.

What is Otome?

Otome literally translates to "maiden". As a genre, an Otome game is basically a visual novel aimed at a female demographic. More or less, the game has elements or stat-raising features surrounding life sims or dating sims. As seen on "Mystic Messenger," the player is placed in a harem romance story, except the genders are reversed.

According to Otaku, the Otome genre has been around for quite a while; in fact, it was first introduced in Japan in 1994. Pioneered by Tecmo Koei, the genre was materialized through the neo-romance game "Angelique." This propelled the Otome genre into the Japanese market and eventually, worldwide. What defines the uniqueness of "Mystic Messenger," apart from it's new, is the fact that interaction is far more realistic compared to other Otome games.

Cheritz, the developer known for making Otome games before, seems to have found out what's lacking in most Otome games, thereby creating something with a more authentic feel. "Mystic Messenger" is reliant on how well conversations go. If not, you're in for some irksome situations you might have a hard time getting out of. Nevertheless, user reviews generally indicate satisfaction and endless entertainment.

Why is 'Mystic Messenger' a hit?

Perhaps a more appropriate question is, why not? The target audience for "Mystic Messenger" might be young girls ogling at some oddly attractive anime hunks, but it doesn't mean you have to be a maiden to enjoy the game. Besides, one doesn't need to be a chick to get a kick out of a chick flick.

You can view more "Mystic Messenger" details on Cheritz's official website including the game's characters. Downloading the app is completely free of charge but you can unlock more interesting features through in-app purchases.

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