Facebook Home On Any Android Device In Any Region: How To Make It Work

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Apr 15, 2013 10:08 AM EDT

The newly introduced Facebook Home feature may not be officially available for everyone, but there are ways of getting it up and running courtesy of the XDA forum.

Facebook Home arrived last week to mixed reviews, with complaints focusing on inappropriate images from the Facebook news feed showing up on the lock screen and possible increased battery usage. 

Facebook Home is not officially available on all capable devices as of yet. The feature is limited to a small set of regions and select devices. However, with the XDA exploit pretty much any Android device can run it.

“So I modded FB Home to run on all (?) devices, without touching build.prop or requiring root," a senior XDA-based developer writes. “Tested on GNEX, NEXUS 7 emulators.”

To get it running first uninstall Facebook, Facebook Messenger and the Facebook Home app. If Facebook is pre-installed on your device then you will most likely need root access to remove it.

Next extract the .rar file (see below for all the download links), then install com.facebook.katana (Facebook app), com.facebook.home (Home app) and com.facebook.orca.apk (Messenger app).

Then enable Facebook Home under the Facebook app settings. If there are any issues reboot into recovery mode and wipe dalvik cache. 

Here are the download links:

Facebook Home

Facebook Messenger with Chat heads fix

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