'Clash Of Clans' 2016 Latest News & Updates: Supercell Releasing Two Major Updates Before December? New Single Player Maps Released?

By LA Zamora , Updated Nov 01, 2016 07:08 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go", one of the greatest competitors of "Clash Of Clans," has just released a recent Halloween update. The players consider it as "Pokemon Go" saying "Shots fired!" as they await Supercell's next "Clash Of Clans" latest update.

'Clash Of Clans' Update - Released On November 16?

The hype of the latest "Clash Of Clans" update rolled out in mid-October has died down, and now the players are once again asking for another update. The clamor for a new "Clash Of Clans" update might have been spurred with "Pokemon Go's" fun, quirky and timely Halloween update.

Although "Clash Of Clans" update has had some Halloween-themed tweaks, it was not as major as the Halloween update of "Pokemon Go" which helped the former reclaim its spot in the top-grossing games category. The "Clash Of Clans" Halloween update included special pumpkins and flying dragons.

This paled in contrast with "Pokemon Go's" trick or treat for the players. Will Supercell bounce back and release a new "Clash Of Clans" update this November?

'Clash Of Clans' Update - Double Features Update

The first feature that players reportedly want for the next "Clash Of Clans" update is the upgrading of new single player maps. The existing single player map in "Clash Of Clans" is reportedly pretty old, so the players are asking Supercell to give them a new one.

The second feature that players want to Supercell to tweak in the latest "Clash Of Clans" update is the daily challenges. They want more daily challenges and players want fair daily challenges for different townhall levels.

Speaking of fairness, players in early Townhall levels are also asking Supercell to make future "Clash Of Clans" updates more friendly for those in the lower ranks. According to "Clash Of Clans" top players, the next "Clash Of Clan" update might be released by February or March 2017.

As of writing, Supercell has yet to give a statement regarding the "Clash Of Clans" November 2016 update. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Clash Of Clans" news and updates!


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