EMotion News & Update: Henrik Fisker's First Electric Car, Tesla Model 3's Biggest Rival? Will Be Showcased Next Year!

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Nov 01, 2016 12:29 AM EDT

Automotive design genius Henrik Fisker is making waves once again. After recently launching Fisker Inc., the 53-year old Denmark native has unveiled what could be Tesla Model 3's biggest rival. Henry Fisker's EMotion will have a showcase next year, and its specs were already recently revealed.

Henrik Fisker's first electric car called EMotion is set to be Tesla Model 3's biggest rival thanks to its amazing new features. According to Fortune, the upcoming luxury electric sedan will travel 400 miles on merely a single charge. That's almost twice as Tesla Model 3's 215 mile range for every charge. General Motor's Chevy Bolt electric has a 238 mile range per charge.

According to TechCrunch, Henrik Fisker's first electric car will also have a maximum speed of 161 MPH. EMotion will also be equipped with awesome self-driving capabilities thanks to its hardware. While there aren't much details on the fully autonomous hardware, the company admitted that it won't be available until they have obtained regulatory approval.

EMotion features a sleek new look with a composite frame made of carbon fiber and aluminum. Henrik Fisker's first electric car, which is poised to be Tesla Model 3's biggest rival, will be equipped with new batteries composed of graphene and built by Fisker Nanotech. The company is a joint venture from Fister and Nanotech Energy Inc.

Fisker claims that EMotion is designed to enable aerodynamic performance and achieve its maximum speed. The design brings the interiors forward for more space, as well as providing access to screens and infotainment to both front and rear seats. EMotion will have a showcase next year and will be produced in th United States. Check back for the latest updates on Henrik Fisker's EMotion.

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