'Titanfall 2' Release Date, News & Update: Respawn Game's Success Lies in Revamped Single Player Campaign, Cooper & His Titan's Tag Team

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Nov 01, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Respawn's "Titanfall 2" found a release date on October 28, giving gamers the Halloween weekend to immerse themselves in the revamped single player campaign. The game boasts of amazing new visuals and a story to boot, but the Respawn game's success definitely lies in the new single player campaign. Both gamers and critics alike have been applauding the studio's efforts in improving it, and it seems that they've pulled it off marvelously.

Respawn's "Titanfall 2" features the playable protagonist, Jack Cooper who teams up with the rebels from the Frontier Militia are opposing the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. Following the untimely death of his mentor, Jack gets a Titan called BT-7274, with whom he makes an excellent tag team with. Kotaku commends the game's revamped single player campaign, which they believe is "an experience of magnificent scale and surprising emotion."

Over at Yahoo! Tech, they also commend "Titanfall 2" revamped single player campaign. Also notable is the tag team between Cooper and his Titan. They've even gone as far as likening the two to Spock and Captain Kirk of "Star Trek." They commended the game's ability to create an "effective relationship" between the gamer and his Titan, which makes players "kind of fall in love with a giant, digital robot."

"Titanfall 2" revamped single player campaign is an exhilarating, amazing new departure from the game's predecessor. It's composed of nine chapters that will train gamers to fight and learn the mechanics of the game, always pushing to explore the intricate world built inside it. If there's one thing that Respawn was successfully able to pull off, it's completely turning around the single player campaign of "Titanfall" and making it even more better in the sequel.

The Guardian cites the success of Respawn to their amazing work with "Call of Duty," which is most likely why gamers may see some elements of that game in "Titanfall 2." The media outlet claims that while the revamped single player campaign may be shorter than expected, it is one of the best campaigns of the decade.

One of the best parts of "Titanfall 2" is that the studio is against the season pass, meaning all coming DLC will be free of charge. The new Respawn game is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

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