After Chatrooms, Facebook Is All Set To Introduce Its Gameroom; FB Tries To Make It Up For Its Mobile Gaming To iOS, Android

By Susmita Pathak Mishra , Updated Nov 02, 2016 10:33 AM EDT

Besides linking, sharing and commenting on a post, Facebook will give its user an option of playing as well. The social media website is all set to launch a Gameroom for gamers now.

The introduction of Android and iOS gaming has affected Facebook to a lot of extent as people stopped playing mobile games via the social media site and opted for the latter alternatives. Gameroom will be an initiative using which FB could reach a group of users who seek interest in playing online games on PC.

The gaming app will be available for download for users of Windows 7 and onwards. This FB PC feature will let the users play not only the web games but also opt for portable mobile games that would run smooth on the PC platform. The best part is that once the gamers enter the Gameroom, they will remain free from FB notification or News Feed distractions.

Facebook's Gameroom is a Windows desktop gaming interface that has been launched with all features that could give a significant competition to the PC Steam function. Where Steam enjoys having more than 125 million active users, who play online anytime, the new FB gaming app will try its best to cross the mark and build new records. To make sure the gaming app is developed properly, the social networking website will have to convince the creators that it will successfully reach significant number of users and will do well, Techcrunch stated.

It was in August when Facebook announced developing Gameroom, a gaming platform for PC, in association with the Unity developer toolset. According to the reports, the social platform will make a small start as the games within the website cannot be larger than 200 MB but it will soon take into consideration the hosting of games occupying larger space.

Engadget stated that if the Gameroom initiative of FB is successful, it will generate almost 30 percent of revenue cut on the payments made in games. It will be interesting to see how effectively Facebook implements the gaming interface.

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