iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date, Latest News & Update: Working Crack Tool Available From Unlock-Jailbreak Team

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 02, 2016 04:11 PM EDT

Pangu and TaiG are believed to be playing the waiting game with Apple before they make their move on a potential iOS 10 Jailbreak. The Cupertino company has been frustrating their efforts with constant updates, hinting that it could take some time before a working jailbreak tool comes out.

With Pangu and TaiG clueless on their next move, the Unlock-Jailbreak team may have just come out with a working jailbreak for all Apple devices ranging from the iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone 7. A look at their site reveals the devices where their jailbreak could be used, even guaranteeing that everything can be easily reversed.

The iOS 10 jailbreak from Unlock-Jailbreak offers added benefits other than allowing Apple device owners to use Cydia. That includes the ability to use SIM cards from anywhere as well as lifetime updates and even money-back guarantees.

Using this iOS 10 jailbreaks by Unlock-Jailbreak will also render lesser worries as the alleged crack will not harm an Apple device’s current features and functions. The tool can be downloaded from the hackers official website and is pretty easy to install, Neurogadget reported.

Despite the claims of Unlock-Jailbreak that this latest iOS 10 jailbreak is free and safe, it would be best to take precautionary measures. That includes making sure that your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is backed up before proceeding.

Like the case of Pangu and TaiG, it remains to be seen if Apple will find a way to foil this new iOS jailbreak tool moving forward. The Cupertino company has always been a step ahead of hacker and most have been left befuddled by the iOS 10 despite the previous bugs which have already been patched up.

Apple did roll out patches to address untethered iPhones in the past so developers may be trying to figure out for now what makes the iOS 10 jailbreak from Unlock-Jailbreak so special. Stay tuned for more updates on the iOS 10 Jailbreak, tech and gaming news!

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