Psychedelic Racing Shooter Dyad Coming To PC Wednesday

By Binu Paul , Updated Apr 22, 2013 02:09 PM EDT

Hyperkinetic tunnel-racing shooter Dyad will release on PC through Steam and GOG Wednesday, April 24.

The game was initially released on the PlayStation Network in July last year and was slated for a March release on PC. However, Dyad developer Shawn McGrath explained the delay in a video address in which he blamed it on the unforeseen demands of fatherhood.

"Dyad is coming out for pc on April 24," McGrath tweeted. The game will also be available on McGrath's own site The shooter-racer hybrid game with 27 levels is said to be a "mind-bending, psychedelic sensory overload."

"I've played a little of it on the Sony box and it's an addictive experience. The trance music does exactly as the genre's title suggests and slips you into a passive state where you quickly lose sense of yourself playing the game. Certainly something to try while consuming a substance that rhymes with tea and was big in the 90s clubbing scene," PC GamesN's Julian Benson said in explaining the game.

Fans of this breathtaking psychedelic, whizzy particle-accelerating game can obtain it with a 10-percent discount on both Steam and GOG during the first week of its availability. You can save 20 percent if you are pre-ordering the game through Steam or GOG.

Check out McGrath's video below:

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