'Fallout 4' PS4 Mods Release Date, News & Update: Sony, Bethesda Negotiating Over Restrictions for Mods; Gameplay Details, Specifications, Launch, More Elements

By Kaye Reese , Updated Nov 03, 2016 09:36 AM EDT

Video gamers around the world have been excited since Bethesda and Sony announced that there will be "Fallout 4" PlayStation 4 mods. Modding, after all, is an essential part of the video game, and bringing that to Playstation 4 would benefit a lot of PS4-wielding "Fallout 4" players. However, Bethesda admitted that they won't be equal to "Fallout 4" XBox One" mods, because of the limitations existing on Sony's platforms.

Limitations on the 'Fallout 4' PS4 mods

For one, players are hindered by Sony's strict restriction on outside assets, which means "Fallout 4" PS4 mods creators are limited only by their current platform. However, Bethesda promised that they were pushing for more parity in terms of content creation to allow players more freedom and flexibility when it comes to creating mods for "Fallout 4."

Bethesda's studio marketing vice president Peter Hines is well aware of this disparity. Among the many restrictions for "Fallout 4" PS4 mods, for example, is smaller limitations in mod storage spaces--1 GB for PS4 as opposed to 5GB for XBox One--as well as assets found only in the base game. In a series of tweets, however, Hines promised that the studio has been continuously lobbying to make the case for all mods to be the same regardless of platforms, whether they be on PS4, XBox One, or PC.

Release date for 'Fallout 4' PS4 mods

It was earlier reported that Bethesda would release the "Fallout 4" PS4 mods once "The Elder Scrolls of Skyrim: Special Edition" stabilized. However, the mods remain to be seen. Peter Hines assured everyone to give the details as soon as they finalize the arrival plans.

Until then, players can create "Fallout 4" PS4 mods via their PC. Hopefully the real thing will launch soon, however, and disparity issues will be resolved to make for a more satisfying gameplay. Stay tuned for more updates on the "Fallout 4" PS4 mods. 

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