‘Civilization 6’ Cheats, Tips & Trips: Winning Without Killing A Single Enemy Unit Possible? More Game Strategy, Secrets & Hacks Revealed

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Nov 03, 2016 09:04 AM EDT

True to its lineage, "Civilization 6", the newest installment of Firaxis' long-running franchise forces one to be ruthless. Most long-time players of the franchise would attest that the game is a true test of Darwin's survival of the fittest theory, it forces players to be cunning, brutal and ultimately a survivor.

While the same warlike strategy can be applied to the newest title, "Civilization 6" offers a lot more variety when it comes to winning. Apparently, it is entirely possible to win the game and beating rival civs by being nice - winning without killing any unit and without losing any unit as well. That certainly sounds impossible to this writer who has been playing since the first game came out in the early nineties but, surprisingly, it has been done.

Winning By Being Mr Nice

While a bloodless victory is surely not everyone's cup of tea, players who have an extremely pacifist stance even in video games might be pleased to know that not only is it theoretically possible, it has actually been done already. For those who might want the extra challenge of winning but not killing anyone in the process, here are some of the "Civilization 6" strategy and tips on how to win by using the pacifist approach as reported in Polygon.

Disable Barbarians

To achieve a totally painless and bloodless victory, it is necessary to turn off the barbarians. There is simply no way of getting around with the barbarians in "Civilization 6" game; they are as bloodthirsty as they could get.

Pick An Island Map

Having a whole island to one's civ will most likely eliminate the headaches of border disputes common in continent based civs. As such, an essential "Civilization 6" strategy for bloodless victory is to choose an island-based map to lessen the chances of warfare.

Disable Domination Victory

Another way to discourage rival AI civs from attacking is to disable the Domination Victory option in the "Civilization 6" game. Of course, disabling that particular victory option does not mean that wars will not happen. However, it may push other civs to look for other routes of victory, lessening the chances of open conflict.

Please Do Not Chose Emperor Level

Every "Civilization 6" gamer would know by now how insanely difficult the Emperor level is. In addition, the AI civs at this level are usually more aggressive making conflicts more likely to occur. The King level will probably be best for this bloodless victory experiment.

Of course, following all these "Civilization 6" tips and strategy does not guarantee successfully completing the game without killing anyone. There are too many variables involved to successfully duplicate a bloodless victory. But it is certainly worth a try and certainly poses a very unique and interesting challenge indeed.

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