'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Release Date, News & Update: Game Delayed Again; Arriving March 2017 ? BioWare to Polish Game More; Gameplay Details!

By Laine Lucas , Updated Nov 03, 2016 09:02 PM EDT

Fans may need to extend their wait for BioWare's third-person role-playing game, "Mass Effect:Andromeda" as the game developer thinks there could be a need to push back its release. BioWare confirmed that the development team may need more time to make sure that the game delivers well once it comes out in the market.

Although this could come as a bit of disappointment to those who have been waiting for "Mass Effect: Andromeda" arrival, game publisher Electronic Arts' CFO Blake Jorgensen assured fans that there is nothing to worry about the progress. "We're willing to make moves in launch dates if we feel that it's necessary to deliver the right player experience," Jorgensen said in a statement during EA's financial call.

Jorgensen also explained that "Mass Effect: Andromeda" will be out within this fiscal year, but if need be, the game could even be pushed back for a week or even months since the team is determined to create a game that delivers "the right experience to the players." Fans can just cross their fingers hoping that the game will be out on or before the initial release date of March 2017.

It's at least very reassuring how Jorgensen shared a bit about "Mass Effect: Andromeda" development. "Our focus is on building great games, and right now Mass Effect is tracking extremely well, the game looks beautiful, and we're really pleased with its progress," the CFO said. For now, fans will have to wait for new announcements from the game developer and publisher, but Jorgensen said that there's none at the moment other than the possible release date delay. As soon as there is something to announce, the team will definitely let fans know.

Meanwhile, it's already given that "Mass Effect: Andromeda" will grant players more freedom when it comes to playing the game. Players will say goodbye to the Milky Way and explore uncharted territories, particularly Andromeda. There will be new allies to meet, new enemies to fight and new worlds to discover. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more.

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