Anonymity Upheld For App Purchasers Via Google Wallet Update

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Apr 23, 2013 12:08 PM EDT

Google is making sure the app purchases made via Google Wallet will remain private for users. Google recently created privacy customizations that make sure there is some anonymity for users without revealing much to the app developers in the process.

This is an important step. In February that the Android community was enraged over allegations that Google was sending personal information to developers. However, in the new update for Google Wallet, the company is addressing those allegations and making buying things safer.

With the new update, although developers will get to see some very general user data (as they still need to have access to at least some info about who’s buying their apps), names will no longer appear, and address info will be restricted to just the purchaser’s ZIP code.

The changes to the app can be seen in its layout and design. The improvements actually mirrors the changes Google has been making to all its products in recent months.

“They’ve also removed the charge/ship columns as those never made sense for digital products. It looks like Google has finally made the system a bit more friendly for app developers,” Droid Life writes. “Developers are no longer presented with the customer name or their email. All that remains is the general location of the purchase, which is needed for tax purposes. Information is now condensed and offers a fresh presentation.”

The new Wallet Merchant Center is currently being pushed out by Google, and should be replacing the old version for all developers over the next several weeks.

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