‘Steven Universe’ Season 4 Spoilers: How is Steven’s Power Different from the Past Season?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 04, 2016 07:06 AM EDT

This November, the all new "Steven Universe" Season 4 will arrive, giving emphasis on another Steven power? Last season, our curly, chubby little hero discovered that he can float on air. In fact, he even had problem with his newly acquired power because, he can't seem to put himself down. That was later resolved when he was able to practice and hone his skill at floating.

Now, it looks like showrunner Rebecca Sugar has a totally different plans for the little boy as he again, discovers a new power. Although it was not exactly specified, "Steven Universe" Season 4, episode 1 entitled "Gem Harvest" features Steven able to create vegetables that can walk and talk. An issue that confuses Lapis Lazuli and Peridot in the long run.

Apparently, the two gems spent the past days planting vegetables that they hope, will be able to follow their instructions in the future. In the Steven Universe trailer shown below, it features Lapis and Peridot thinking, just when they thought they were able to create a talking pumpkin, the veggie instead rushed to Steven's arms and won't follow Lapis and Peridot's commands.

Steven reveals to them that, vegetables don't actually talk. They are not like them (gems) that have super powers to control and make things. But when Steven offered to teach the two gems how to make a pumpkin face, he did it in a way that is too brutal for the live pumpkin to witness. The story of the three gems and the pumpkins then begin with discovering just exactly what Steven has that her aunt's can't have.

"Steven Universe" Season 4, episode 1 entitled "Gem Harvest" is set to premiere this November on the Cartoon Network. Unfortunately, there's no specific date on the first episode's airtime. But you can always visit us here on GameNGuide for the latest update on the series schedule.

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