‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Spoilers, Cast, Predictions & Theories: Mystery Behind Taissa Farmiga’s Character Will Be Solved? More Finale Details Here!

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 05, 2016 06:12 AM EDT

We're one episode away from the "American Horror Story" Season 6 "Roanoke" finale but fans are still pretty much confused of basically everything that's going on this season. A question being collectively raised is: who will survive the Blood Moon? What's more, when will Taissa Farmiga appear?

Upon the confirmation of Ryan Murphy last month, fans have been eagerly waiting for Farmiga's return in "American Horror Story Season 6." Having shown most "Roanoke" episodes already, spectators of the hit TV series have slowly lost hope, until the promo for next week's episode was aired.

"American Horror Story" Season 6 Chapter 9 is going full-on "Blair Witch," as depicted by the promo. What's both endearing and shocking at the same time is the fact that eagle-eyed fans spotted a girl that could really pass for Taissa Farmiga. She is seen holding a selfie stick in a forest along with two other people carrying cameras.

Although it's not exactly a confirmation per se, "American Horror Story" Season 6 is quite notorious when it comes to burying clues. To recall, Finn Wittrock's appearance in Season 7 caused quite a commotion. As noted on our previous report, only the keenest realized that it was actually Wittrock who grabbed the camera from Angela Bassett's character. Also worth mentioning is the appearance of Lady Gaga's Scáthach in the promo for Chapter 2, which was aired a week before the episode.

"American Horror Story" Season 6 Chapter 9 has no official synopsis yet but from the looks of it, Roanoke is set to topple TV viewers way out of proportion. The straw figures that freaked everybody out are not enough, apparently. Now, the hit TV series will draw inspiration from the "Blair Witch Project," the movie that brought the strange mockumentary genre to the masses.

Let's say one of the three backpackers in the forest is indeed Taissa Farmiga - the "American Horror Story" Season 6 "Roanoke" series undoubtedly set the bar for horror on TV. In the meantime, enjoy Chapter 9's promo below.

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