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By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 05, 2016 06:41 AM EDT

Sid Meier's "Civilization" games have always presented the idea of complexity that players sometimes find overwhelming. Nonetheless, it has given the public an ample amount of time to burn, and "Civilization 6" is no exception to that. Given the several innovations of the new installment, we've compiled some of the changes that newbies will find useful.

Workers Are Out, Builders Are In

"Civilization 6" got itself some efficient Builders to replace the usual Workers. Although their functions are quite the same, Builders are far more efficient in completing tasks immediately. They still work on building improvements and land clearing, but they vanish soon as they complete three tasks. This puts out the effort of having to keep track of unoccupied Workers, like in the previous "Civilization" games.

More Envoys in a City State = Suzerain

Although you can attack autonomous cities, leaving them to their own devices will actually do you good. Instead of going for the aggressive approach, try trading with a city state and put them under your wing by placing an envoy. Become the first to uncover a city state and by default, you can establish an envoy there. In "Civilization 6," the one with the most envoys in a city state will become the Suzerain, which in turn allows you to benefit on the city's resources. In addition, any civilization that will attack you will automatically become an enemy of the allied city state.

Housing Availability

"Civilization" veterans know for a fact that cities won't flourish if there is scarcity in housing. The availability of housing is correspondent to a city's access to fresh water. To do that, note the color-coded hexes on the map to locate a city in a hex that's near to a water resource. In "Civilization 6," building Neighborhood Districts can minimize housing issues as the game progresses. Enhance the housing provided by a Neighborhood District by making sure that the Hex Appeal is impressive.

The complexity of "Civilization 6" to a beginner is the same reason why it is a fun and engaging game at the same time. Keep these things in mind to get the most out of your gameplay. Good luck!

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