Samsung Galaxy S8 News & Updates: Will Samsung Unveil Bixby AI Assistant With Next Flagship Phone? App Set To Rival Siri, Corona, Assistant

By Wenilyn A. , Updated Nov 06, 2016 01:47 AM EST

Artificial Intelligence app specification is now the new trend among big tech companies. Whereas Apple's Siri and Google's Assistant compete in dominating the tech market, Samsung is working on the development of its first virtual assistant to join the race. Its upcoming flagship phone, "Samsung Galaxy S8", has raised expectations among consumers and tech community alike that it will feature this new AI assistant app that the Korean tech giant is currently working on.

"Samsung Galaxy S8" will undoubtedly be a big release for Samsung considering the recent fiasco of Galaxy Note 7. If speculations are to be believed, "Samsung Galaxy S8" could possibly sport an AI assistant specification that will be called "Bixby."

As per Android Headline, Samsung was spotted filing for a trademark for "Bixby" which was described as a "computer application software for smartphones, mobile telephones, portable computers, and tablet computers. Namely, software used to operate voice recognition system."

Bixby is apparently an application that features a voice recognition and hands-free operation. These features incidentally resemble AI assistant programs like Siri, Corona, and Assistant. For tech savvies, this could possibly mean one thing. That is, Samsung is planning to incorporate Bixby on "Samsung Galaxy S8."

This speculation is further sparked with Samsung's reported recent purchase of Viv Labs. It is a firm that specializes in AI assistant programs. As such, it is most likely that "Samsung Galaxy S8" users could experience Samsung's first virtual assistant.

Moreover, "Samsung Galaxy S8" would also feature several updated specifications including an improved software interface. As per WCCFTech, Samsung will most likely to adopt an updated operating system considering the latest development of Android.

As there is no official confirmation from Samsung yet, readers should treat these speculations with a pinch of salt. Full details and specifications of "Samsung Galaxy S8," however, are to be expected to come a little sooner so stay tuned for more exciting updates!

"Samsung Galaxy S8" is set to be released in spring next year following its February reveal.

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