‘Adventure Time Preboot/Reboot’ Spoilers, Predictions & Theories: Season 7 Finale Episodes Moved to Earlier Date? More Details on Season 8 Here!

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 07, 2016 06:25 AM EST

Good news, Jake and Finn fans! Season 7's finale episodes, "Adventure Time Preboot/Reboot," have apparently been pulled back to an earlier air date. Up on Cartoon Network on November 19, Saturday, is the much awaited back-to-back finale episode for Season 7.

In a report published last week, fans of the hit cartoon series have been left wondering when the finale episodes will be aired. Speculations that the "Adventure Time Preboot/Reboot" episodes will air on November 26 hit the Internet, much to the frustration of "Adventure Time" fans. This new air date update, however, will be a major cause for celebration.

Posted on Adventure Time News' Facebook page is the confirmation for the final air date of "Adventure Time Preboot/Reboot" episodes. Cited verbatim: "Cartoon Network has pulled the air date for Preboot/Reboot closer, instead of airing on the 26th of November, it will now air on the 19th of November! This will be the final date for Preboot/Reboot."

While these episodes mark Season 7's end, the mini-series scheduled for winter is sort of a recovery move for "Adventure Time," given the flack they received regarding their unusual air dates recently. Along with this exciting "Adventure Time Preboot/Reboot" news is the confirmed premiere of "Adventure Time's" mini-series titled "Islands."

Scheduled to air this winter between December 2016 and January 2017, "Islands" is penned by the talented Ashly Burch, which signals the commencement of Season 8. The story will revolve around Finn and how he meets an important member of his family for the first time ever. Meanwhile, the "Adventure Time Preboot/Reboot" episodes will feature Jake, Finn, and Susan Strong and their Beautopia exploration. Jake and Finn will also be battling one of their strongest enemies.

More news on "Adventure Time Preboot/Reboot" will be posted before November 19th hits. In the meantime, enjoy the preview below. Keep a lookout for more "Adventure Time" news, only here at Gamenguide!

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