SpaceX News & Update: Passenger Spaceship Launches 2018; Elon Musk, First To Aboard; NASA Rejects SpaceX Human-Launch Operations After Falcon 9 Explosion?

By Aloha Baldovino , Updated Nov 07, 2016 10:11 AM EST

After the explosion of Falcon 9 last September 1, SpaceX has caught the attention of NASA, and other concerned institutions on the fuelling procedure of the Aero Space Company. Although SpaceX has already made numerous progress with the investigation, NASA is still apprehensive with future launches.

CEO Elon Musk recently proposed on fuelling its rockets while astronauts are on board. This proposal has greatly alarmed NASA, noting that the operation is very hazardous. SpaceX is confident that the company has moved on with the September 1 incident, and is confident to execute human launch operation.

In the previous report by Gamenguide, SpaceX diligently worked with NASA, Federal Aviation Association, and the US Air Force in investigating the explosion, which pointed to the failure of the helium tank as the main cause.

NASA pointed out that there has never been a rocket that was fuelled before its launch, and astronauts were not aboard during the fuelling procedure, Reuters reports.  The fuelling process has to be done before astronauts aboard the ship. Having astronauts aboard is very alarming especially when considering the previous incident. 

While SpaceX has already schedule its first passenger spaceship launch in 2018, it has first to obtain approval from NASA. There are speculations that NASA is rejecting SpaceX's fuelling procedure with astronauts aboard.

To eliminate such stigma, it is reported that Elon Musk is the first volunteer to aboard the passenger spaceship in 2018. However, Musk has not confirmed any statement yet, since he is more focused on getting his spaceship ready for the 2018 launch.

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