Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots; Rockstar Releases A Bevy of New Ones

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 03, 2013 07:12 AM EDT

The recent character trailers for Grand Theft Auto V left us and a swarm of fans hungry for more. Rockstar knows this, so they're tantalizing us with more screenshots for the newest addition to the GTA franchise, showing not only a wide array of side missions and gorgeous, explorable environments, but some more of the traditional elements that made Grand Theft Auto a household name. Not so much on the hooker bashing, but rather the glamorous life of crime. 

Scenic sunsets with a motorboat roaring across the Los Santos coast, heist plans complete with jewlery store blueprints, a hick in a scuba suit...there's truly a lot to be had in the next GTA. Normally, I'm a sucker for plot details, and I'm often disappointed when developers don't clue the audience in on what kind of story they'll be getting. But after looking at these new shots, and the mind bogglingly amount of options gamers will have, I could honestly care less about the plot. Just gimme some of those sweet guns, car chases, and the elcome return of San Andreas' parachuting, and I'm a happy camper. Take a peek below and everything you have to look forward to, and then some.

Grand Theft Auto V
 is scheduled to arrive this fall. 

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