'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Release Date, News & Updates: Differences Between Two Versions Revealed; Includes Unique Pokemon, Time Differences, Legendaries & More!

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 08, 2016 09:16 AM EST

As the release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" draws near, some fans are still torn between the two glaring and equally substantial versions. Here, we break down all the similarities and differences between the "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon."

"Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon"

First of all, for those who didn't know, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" actually comes in two separate games. They will both be released on November 18, retailing for $39.99 at Gamestop. There's also a bundle to get both games in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon Dual Pack" for $79.99.

Alolan Pokemon and Time

As is the case of all "Pokemon" versions released at the same time, the creatures in "Pokemon Sun" differ from those in "Pokemon Moon." The Sun version will have the Fighting-type Passimian, while Moon will get the Normal/Psychic Oranguru. Interestingly, Rockruff will evolve into either Midday Lycanroc or Midnight Lycanroc, depending on the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" version.

Also, there's a time difference between the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games. The former adapts to the time of the player's Nintendo 3DS, while the latter is set 12 hours ahead.

Legendary Pokemon

The two "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games also have different legendary Pokemon. The Psychic/Steel Solgaleo can transform into a Radiant Sun phase, and has the Sunsteel Strike and Full Metal Body Ability. The Psychic/Ghost Lunala could then transform into a Full Moon phase, and has the Shadow Shield and Moongiest Beam. Similar to other "Pokemon" games, the only way players could add these "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Legendaries to their Pokedex is through cross-version trading.

Totem Pokemon and Ultra Beasts

Players will be facing the Totem Pokemon in the Island Trials challenge. Similarly, these Totem Pokemon will differ in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" versions. Gumshoo will challenge "Pokemon Sun" players in Melemele Island, while "Pokemon Moon" players will face Alolan Raticate.

As for the Ultra Beasts in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," nothing much has been confirmed about these creatures. However, it has been reported that they will be taking on different appearances based on the version you are playing.

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