'Fallout 4' Gameplay, News & Update: Patch 1.8 Out Now, Mod Support for PlayStation 4 Coming Very Soon

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Nov 08, 2016 06:02 AM EST

Fans and avid gamers of Bethesda's action RPG "Fallout 4" are in for a treat. The studio has Patch 1.8 out now and mod support for PlayStation 4 coming very soon. The studio took to Twitter to announce that their upcoming update will include mod support for PlayStation 4 gamers. There's no exact release date attached to it yet, but fans should expect it to arrive this month.

Meanwhile, "Fallout 4" Patch 1.8 out now features some updates for PC. Unfortunately, the update is still going through the certification process for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as per GameSpot. The Patch 1.8 features fixes for sound effects issues, occasional crashes with exiting the Main Menu and when starting a New Game, issues with spaces in Mods search queries, and issues regarding the "WIP" Work in Progress Mods ratings.

"Fallout 4" Patch 1.8 out now also features twice as more tiles that gamers can browse on the Mods menu, and addressed issues regarding Mods with an unexpected data structure, Library and/or Favorite Mods categories, and Mods images. Check out this link for the full list of patch notes. In the meantime, VG24/7 reports that mod support for PlayStation 4 coming very soon is something gamers can look forward to.

In fact, some "Fallout 4" gamers have already started to download the creation kit and convert their work for PlayStation 4 use. While mods can already upload and share their work, it seems that they will need to wait for the mod support for PlayStation 4 coming very soon. Bethesda promises that it is already working on it and that the update should arrive this month.

Note that "Fallout 4" gamers who play on Xbox One already have mod support since May. It is only now that Bethesda is ironing out the last few details with Sony to provide mod support for PlayStation 4. Keep checking back for when we announce the arrival of "Fallout 4" mod support for PlayStation 4.

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