‘Civilization VI’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Hacks to Reveal Map, Take Down City & Wall Defenses & Increasing AI Explained! Gameplay Details

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Nov 08, 2016 10:11 AM EST

"Civilization 6" has already reached the one million player base mark and developers are simply overjoyed. The "Civilization" game series has always caught the imagination as well as attention of players with "Civilization 5" still a hit among dedicated players. The continued success of the series goes against the trend of dwindling PC gamers for many other games.

He gigantic fan-created Earth map of "Civilization 6" shows how popular the game is not only among hardcore "Civilization" series fans but also newcomers who have recently tasted the the gameplay. "Civilization 6" is already sitting high in the rankings just behind "DotA 2" and "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

"Civilization 6" is the most-played non-Valve game this weekend. Firaxis Games has even taken time out to celebrate the stupendous success of the game by tweeting about the one million players milestone, writes GameRant. It's a massive success on Steam.

Revealing the entire map in "Civilization 6" may be a time-taking task over and above wasting time and resources on extra Scouts. Players also want to know quickly where the different civilizations are located. Thankfully, there is a trick that allows players to locate everything on the map.

"Civilization 6" players need to activate the debug console by changing the config.ini file in the game's folder. Simply open the file on Notepad and change the DebugPane value to one from zero before saving the file. The Debug console can be opened by pressing ['] tilde in-game. Pressing the ['] tilde in-game to open the Debug Window and then selecting "Reveal All" opens the entire map.

This "Civilization 6 trick works only in the offline mode. There are also other cheats that can be unlocked and MrAntiFun has laid down the instructions clearly. Quevik has also showed how to disable walls and city defenses. Players need to go to the Steam directory and search for the file names "Buildings" and "Civics."

Backups should be created before going ahead with any changes in the game's code. After opening the file "Buildings," "Civilization 6" players should look out for the OuterDefenseHitPoints="50" OuterDefenseStrength="2" code, which is available in three places. Next they should change the values "50" and "2" to "0" in all three and then save the file.

In case of "Civics," players need to change the DefenseValue from 200 to 0. Once these steps have been applied, the "Civilization 6" game's city and wall defenses get nullified. Moreover, a 20 percent increase in production allows both AI and players to build more stuff.

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