'The Division' Latest News & Update: Ubisoft Game's Newest Expansion Pack Transforms It Into a 24-PvP Survival Game; Details Here!

By Daniel Flores , Updated Nov 09, 2016 03:07 PM EST

The Survival Mode for "The Division" was announced back on the E3 in June and today, the open-world third-person game has made headlines with the expansion pack being featured in a livestream. Ubisoft launched a livestream on Monday and "The Division" players and fans get to see the game's current expansion pack.

New Features & Loadouts For 'The Division' Expansion Pack

The Survival Mode for "The Division" live up to its name as Kotaku brought information about the new expansion pack for the open-world third-person shooter game. "The Division" players will have to survive from, dehydration, food deprivation, cold, loadout capacity, and deadly enemies in Survival Mode.

Survival Mode for "The Division" is an optional mode for players in the game that features a distinct gameplay with a two-hour time table to complete before the player's character dies. The Survival Mode is still set on the map of New York City, but with a different scenario and gameplay.

"The Division" Survival Mode starts with the group of players in a helicopter, which will crash in New York City. The main objective for the players is to get to the center of Manhattan to retrieve the retrovirals.

In order to achieve that goal, players must also survive the harsh weather without gear and weapons with them. Scavenging items on houses or in other locations and other means of survival will be present in "The Division" Survival Mode.

Ubisoft stated that Survival Mode takes all away the player's skill and bringing all back to zero. "The Division" Survival Mode also makes changes in the game's main map by adding new hideouts, which includes crafting table that will be use to upgrade player's skills.

'The Division' Release Date

"The Division" Survival Mode expansion pack however has no official release date for now, but season pass holders should be able to access the expansion pack on the PTR now. For more "The Division" news and updates stay tuned to Gamnguide!

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