'Dragon Ball Super' Update: Death Is Imminent; Son Goku Immerses Himself With Saiyan Power; Vegeta Losing Hope, Trunks Last Hope Of Mankind?

By David Paul , Updated Nov 09, 2016 03:09 AM EST

Recent news and updates regarding "Dragon Ball Super" centers on the possible scenarios that might take place in the upcoming episodes. There are notions that Son Goku will immerse himself with the Saiyan power, but Vegeta would contradict it.

It appears that Vegeta is already losing hope on the possibility of winning. Despite the rumored speculations, the story arc and the creators have not confirmed any of these presumptions to be true. Even the notion that Trunks, Vegeta's son is the last hope of mankind remains unsettled as well.

In a former report from GamenGuide, "Dragon Ball Super" episodes 66,67, and 68 centers on the upcoming battle that Son Goku and Vegeta might need to overcome and outlived and there are claims that the former enemies would join hands to defeat the colossal enemy who is Zamasu.

It seems that the world of anime is being bugged by the possible scenarios that could take place in "Dragon Ball Super" and although the rumors have surfaced, it has not been fully affirmed by the showrunners of the anime segment, as noted by the same post.

Given the success of "Dragon Ball Super," it is is irrevocable that the fans and followers of the anime series would demand for more radical changes and epic episodes. This is not the only change that is slated to occur for the anime arc, it is deemed to have an English sub in the latter days as well.

For the fans and followers, more things are expected to occur in the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super." It is expected to showcase more fights and brawls for Son Goku and Vegeta.

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