'Hunter x Hunter' News and Updates: Chapter 361 Flawed, 'Tokyo Ghoul' Writer Enlisted For Help; Yoshihiro Togashi Forced To Surrender Rights?

By David Paul , Updated Nov 09, 2016 03:10 AM EST

Recent news and updates for "Hunter x Hunter" are not positively inclined. Rumors of the anime facing a downturn has surfaced. There are notions that anime writer, Yoshihiro Togashi is being forced to surrender his rights and that the creator of "Tokyo Ghoul" might be taking over.

Despite the claims coming about, all of these speculations remains unproven and untrue. It is also not confirmed that these notions were confirmed by either of the mentioned names such as Yoshihiro Togashi of "Hunter x Hunter" and the creator of "Tokyo Ghoul."

However, it is presumed that the prolonged delay of "Hunter x Hunter" might have forced creators to search for other options to ensure that the anime would move forward. In a former report of GamenGuide, even Yoshihiro Togashi's wife was tagged in the rumor as well.

According to the report, Yoshiro Togashi may relay the responsibilities to his wife, Naoko Takeuchi to ensure the legacy of "Hunter x Hunter," but that remains to be seen as well.

More reports revealed of some possible events that could unfold in the upcoming scenes of "Hunter x Hunter." With that being said, it could be that more brawls could occur in the latter episodes for Gon and the rest of his friends, but everything remains shrouded for now.

There are some assumptions that Gon's life and journeys would be the focal point of the latter episodes of "Hunter x Hunter." As Gon tried to walk the same path as his father did, he encountered painful and challenging moments of his life, but made some great friends as well.

For the fans and followers of the "Hunter x Hunter" anime franchise, it is still a strong anime to contend with and in regarding to the rumors of the writer of "Tokyo Ghoul" taking the place of Yoshihiro Togashi, that speculation has already been debunked.

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