‘The Division’ Latest News & Updates: New Expansion Introduces Survival Mode, What Can Players Expect From This 24 Hour Hardcore Add-On?

By Enrico Cuenca , Updated Nov 09, 2016 06:00 AM EST

Ubisoft has enjoyed a successful run with its AAA massively multiplayer online title: Tom Clancy's "The Division." The game has received multiple updates over the years and good maintenance from its developers that has kept its player base coming back for more.

Fans of "The Division" are now about to receive another update that could change the game completely. The latest DLC, entitled "Survival," is now available for PC players to test out on the public test server. What exactly does the latest DLC package offer?

According to Polygon, the new DLC for "The Division" will introduce a new game mode into the mix. This game mode promises to be a more intense and unforgiving version of the core gameplay of the third-person multiplayer shooter.

Players must now take into account the health status of their characters in "The Division," as the post-apocalyptic Empire state is now ridden with possible diseases, debilitating thirst and hunger, and other possibly horrid health conditions. As Ubisoft plainly stated, "If you fail to survive, it's game over."

As reported by Kotaku, this mode is available to the player in a PvE and PvP format. In this optional mode within "The Division," players are quested to scavenge for anti-viral drugs, medications, and other survival resources amidst a grueling snowstorm.

Players who fall during the mission can be revived by other players or self-revive if they are fortunate to have the right items. However, if a player is downed for too long, the player is immediately dead and down for the count; being limited to watching the rest of the mission in "The Division" unfold. 

Survival mode will take away the mini-map to make "The Division" players' lives even more difficult, forcing them to pay closer attention to their surroundings. While players will not be able to kill each other during the PvE mode, the scarcity of resources available will cause a lot of friction and competition amongst each other.

There is currently no apparent release date for the upcoming paid DLC for "The Division." But, fans are expecting the DLC to roll out once the upcoming 1.5 update patch gets released, which promises to provide even more new weapons, gear sets, and world tier dynamics.

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