OnePlus 4 Specs, Features, News & Update: Company's Reputation Reliant on 'Perfect Strategy'; Device to Get Snapdragon 821? Know More Details Here!

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 09, 2016 06:00 AM EST

OnePlus has exceeded everyone's expectations, given the fact that their line of smartphones has reached a certain kind of notoriety despite being a newcomer in the tech industry. When the company announced that OnePlus 4 will hit the market anytime soon, expectations went further up. What's left for the company is to match what the masses anticipate, which calls for a highly strategized release.

OnePlus 4 has the potential to become another "Apple and Samsung Killer," that is if the company topples the reputation of its predecessor, the OnePlus 3. This is not to discredit OnePlus 3, but this strategy is for the company's greater good.

OnePlus 4's little sister is easily the best mobile device in 2016 and this puts a lot of pressure for the company. Falling short is always a risk and if the public demands for greatness, adhering to their calls is considered a smart move. Otherwise, sales will be highly affected and in effect, will be a huge loss for OnePlus.

In addition to its affordability, OnePlus smartphones have all the right to brag about their quality specs and features. An important question to tackle now, however, is: what can OnePlus do to prevent a possible product-release failure? An obvious answer is to make OnePlus 4 more innovative. To put it bluntly, the company might have to bet everything on its newest flagship.

There are speculations that OnePlus 4 will probably get an Android 7.0, Snapdragon 830, 2560x1440 pixels Quad-HD resolution, an Adreno 620 GPU, and a 4000mAh battery . Such specs encased in a smartphone could be possible, all except for the Snapdragon 830. While Qualcomm might come up with an 830 in the future, such feat is highly unlikely for the OnePlus 4. What's plausible though is a Snapdragon 821, as hinted out by the company itself.

Qualcomm hasn't confirmed which OnePlus device will get the 821 yet. Needless to say, the upgraded processor is more than enough to provide additional firepower for the OnePlus 4.

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