‘League of Legends’ Latest News & Update: 6.22 Patch Notes Bring Massive Changes to the Game; Assassins, Non-Assassins, Items & Jungle Discussed

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Nov 09, 2016 09:11 AM EST

"League of Legends" 6.22 update's patch notes have been released by Riot Games. This leads players into the 2017 pre-season where changes to the Ranked system have been made. The patch notes also bring with it some overdue features in Practice Tools and Replays and also a class update to Assassins.

The main highlights of the "League of Legends" 6.22 patch notes include addition of a new ward, new Ward rewards, refinements to stealth mechanics and the "living jungle" that will introduce plants to the rift, explains PC GAMER. The plants will open new ways for teams to take control of the map and then approach their objectives. They will also determine how they engage in future fights.

Riot Games has revealed that various plants from the "League of Legends" 6.22 patch will spawn on the map during different parts of the game to bring in incredible combat situations. Players will be rewarded for adapting to them. Stealth will now be split up in two categories, Invisibility and Camouflage. Invisibility can be broken by getting too close to a turret whereas Camouflage beaks when approaching an enemy ward, champion or turret, writes Yahoo! Sports.

There are numerous non-assassin changes too though the most important would be that Twitch's Q now leaves a gas cloud when Twitch camouflages. Moreover his ult is now again named Rat-A-Tat-Tat. A huge change in the items has also been made via the "League of Legends" 6.22 patch and that is adding Lethality in place of flat Armor Penetration.

Supporting items have also seen massive changes. Two new items will be joining the support item catalogue, the tank item Redemption and Knight's Vow. Vision Wards have been replaced by Control Wards in the latest "League of Legends" 6.22 patch. The Jungle is getting three plants - Honeyfruit, Scryer's Bloom and Blast Cone. May are of the opinion that Plants will only add an unnecessary and unusual amount of randomness to the "League of Legends" game.

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