'Clash Royale' Latest News & Update: Leaked Upcoming App Update! Inferno Dragon, Ice Golem & Graveyard Spell Revamp!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 10, 2016 12:00 AM EST

Clashing kingdoms and winning is one way to advance to higher levels in Supercell's game of "Clash Royale". Numerous players clash each day and protect their towers and castles against impending attacks from rival players. With each new "Clash Royale" updates being released, the new cards and enhancements are leaked throughout numerous websites on the internet.

Mega damage with this new card in updates

The said leaked update features newer cards and spells that will take the game by storm. The "Clash Royale" update is said to be released later on after the previous one with a Mega Minion in it. According to Orange Juice Gaming, Mega minion is so powerful and can be used to easily topple down enemies confronted.

King's cup, prizes, and newer cards to play in field

With tournaments and events going on and players clashing their way to victory. It is not tough when you have set of cards that are futile against your enemies. That is the reason why this update will surely make everything easier for newer players to play "Clash Royale" and players who already play the game.

The leaked update notes said the following: Inferno dragon and ice golem makes the game interesting because of their stats. First, Ice Golem has 40 damage and 625 hit points with 16 damage per second. However, the stronger one would be the Mega minion that has 695 hit points, 285 damage with 219 damage per second. The strongest one would be Inferno dragon because it has 950 hit points with 30 to 350 damage. But, Mega minion is a must have item for quicker skirmishes and destruction. However, the health is still fair considering its high damage ratio especially the Inferno Dragon. (according to the "Clash Royale" blog on release notes)

Clashing with new spells: Graveyard spell

Other new updates include the special event King's Cup which is stated on the "Clash Royale's" Twitter official page, Tornado spell, and rebalancing other cards for efficient gaming. The reasons why the developers revamped and rebalanced everything can be found on their page. Crash your way as you stay tuned for the next update for "Clash Royale!"

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