One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date, Plot Details, Spoilers & Updates: Saitama's Villains Revealed!

By LZ Carillo , Updated Nov 09, 2016 07:06 AM EST

Fans are clamoring for a One Punch Man season 2 release date. To ease the worries of the anime fans around the world, the second installment of the anime is set to make a comeback in 2017. The official announcement is negating the rumored cancellation of the series. Reports state that the second season will be released with the One Punch Man mobile game.

One Punch Man season 2 is packing more punch for the fans. In the upcoming season, Saitama is rumored to have a new love interest. Knowing the hilarious premise of the anime, it is more likely that his love interest would be an interesting character to watch.

Reports stated that One Punch Man season 2 will have more characters. Rumor has it that Lord Boros will become stronger and launch a rematch with Saitama. Aside from Lord Boros' possible comeback. Saitama will also face new villains in the upcoming season and it might get nasty for both sides.

One Punch Man season 2 might see the return of Lord Boros, the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves. The circumstances of his return has not been revealed but if he returns, he will certainly prepare to match the bald hero's power.

In One Punch Man season 2, Saitama might possibly face villains in the likes of Garou and Amai Mask. Garou was the former student of Silver Fang, a ranked 3 S-Class hero. He is reportedly the main antagonist in the Hero Hunt arc of the manga.

Garou is possibly one of the plausible main villains in One Punch Man season 2. As a child, Garou rooted for villains more than he did with the heroes. He took out Silver Fang's other students in order to demonstrate his power. Silver Fang was left without a choice. He exiled Garou from his dojo while his vengeful student continues to learn various art styles to heighten his power.

Fans are also expecting Amai Mask as a main villain for One Punch Man season 2. Amai Mask is a good-looking A-Class hero. He also works in the entertainment industry as an actor and a singer. Amai Mask has a strong belief that heroes must be a perfect role model for the public. He believes that heroes must be stronger in order to protect the people. Amai Mask is so deep in his twisted sense of 'justice' and believes that evil must be purged. He displayed this act by killing the Dark Matter Thieves without giving it a second thought.

Amai Mask also harbored hatred towards the A-Class heroes for 'failing' to save City A. He stated that he only stayed on the top of the A-class so that the ones who could defeat him would be worthy to enter the S-Class. His twisted sense of justice and his interest on Saitama's powers will likely create conflict on One Punch Man season 2.

The One Punch Man season 2 release date is slated for 2017. There has been no official announcement regarding the specific date but the creators are assuring the fans that they are working on its production.

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