'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Release Date, News & Update: Best Starter Pokemon Revealed! Fire-Type Litten Packs Strong Stats; More Gameplay Details, Leaks

By Kaye Reese , Updated Nov 09, 2016 08:35 AM EST

Looks like fans couldn't wait for the Nov. 18 launch of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" as leaks of the widely anticipated Nintendo game leaked all over the internet on Tuesday. There's plenty of stats, storylines, screencaps, enough to sate the hearts of Pokemon trainers who have been waiting for the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise.

But how can players turn this into an advantage for when "Pokemon Sun and Moon" actually hits the stores? Well, it turns out that among the leaks were starter stats, rare Pokemon and even legendaries. With this slew of information, the next task for any Pokemon trainer would be to strategize: from choosing the right starter Pokemon to targeting rare ones. Here's the roundup of everything you need to know about the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" starter Pokemon stats, rare Pokemon, among others.

Starter Pokemon stats

According to the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" leaks, the most powerful starter Pokemon is the fire-type Litten, who's equipped with +70 speed and +65 attack. Both stats jump as Litten evolves into its second-stage evolution, Torracat (speed, +90; attack, +85). In its final-stage evolution, Incineroar, its attack becomes a vicious 115, according to an analysis from Mic.

Meanwhile, grass-type Rowlet sports a more decent stat board but then gets a major boost in its final-stage form, Decidueye. Water-type Popplio's stats, the third and last starter Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," is more focused on special stats, which might come in handy especially if equipped with a powerful attack.

Rare Pokemon

There's also no shortage of rare Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Leaks revealed special creatures named Magearna and Marshadow. Both Pokemons are akin to the "special" legendaries like Mew and Celebi, according to Polygon. Of course, there are only two legendaries in the game: Solgeo and Lunala, both of which are exclusive to their titular games.

Excited for "Pokemon Sun and Moon"? Stay tuned for more "Pokemon Sun and Moon" details. 

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