'Civilization 6' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Figure Out AI's Agenda? Hacks & Guidelines To Win Over Allies! More Gameplay Details

By Kaye Reese , Updated Nov 09, 2016 08:38 AM EST

Less than a month since its launch, "Civilization 6" has already broken one million players and is now the most popular third-party game on Steam. These impressive records are proof that the strategy, turn-based game's strength as one of the best video games of 2016. With more players in the arena, more tips and tricks on how to better conquer the game also emerge.

Surprisingly, too, there's still a lot of undiscovered areas in "Civilization 6," such as the "Civics," figuring out the AI's goals and agendas, among others. Wondering how to nail these nuances down? Here's a guide to winning "Civilization 6": tips and tricks, guides, cheats, and more.

Figuring out how the AI plays

First, understanding what the AI agenda on "Civilization 6" is, involves understanding the different leaders in the game, what their end goal is and how players' own strategies align with theirs. For example, Theodore Roosevelt (America) hates warmongering, and will likely ally with players who are attacked by aggressors. In Brazil, Pedro II, is a patron of the arts, will likely be an ally if players don't pinch Great People from him.

Qin Shin Huang of China, meanwhile, is more invested in his national treasures and seeks to establish more. But an understated threat in "Civilization 6" in England, under Queen Victoria, who represents the height of British colonialism. She will likely attack if the continent players start on have no English cities, according to NowLoading.

Diplomacy Guide on 'Civilization VI'

Another important thing to remember in "Civilization 6" is never getting afraid of getting their hands dirty. From the onset, players must understand that the AI is irrational and is out to fulfill its own goals and agendas, so it's better to prepare for a number of situations to protect one's self in the game. According to Segment Next, gifts , trades and bribes are the most useful tool in diplomacy and in making allies with fellow Civs. It's also important to invest in spies in order to garner more information about target Civs. 

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