‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, News & Update: New Details Reveal Twists Coming In New Game! More Characters, Weapons, Armors?

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Nov 10, 2016 08:02 AM EST

As the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" release date approaches, more exciting details about the upcoming Bioware title have been made available. For those who want a sneak peek of what's in store for gamers when it launches early next year, a new "Mass Effect Andromeda" trailer has been released showing cool action sequences that definitely hint of an enjoyable gameplay ahead.

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Trailer

Fans can expect a thrilling and action-packed gameplay when "Mass Effect: Andromeda" release date arrives by March 2017. A new trailer shows that while the crew and passengers of the gigantic space ship Hyperion might have longed for a peaceful arrival after hundreds of years of space travel, peace is probably the last thing they'll ever get.

The "Mass Effect: Andromeda" trailer hints that the game's protagonists will be facing a new enemy. However, surrender is not an option and neither is going home because travelling between galaxies is most likely a one way trip. To survive, the new colonists have to find, build and defend their new home in this galaxy.

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Gameplay - Main Plot Revealed

To give players a rough idea what to expect when "Mass Effect: Andromeda" release date arrives next year, the title's plot summary has also been revealed. The story starts on year 2185, years before the Reaper invasion, reports Gamesradar.

At that time, multiple species created a project named the "Andromeda Initiative." As its name suggests, the purpose of this project is to send thousands to the neighboring galaxy Andromeda for colonization. To achieve its goal, four giant spaceships or Arks were built, each carrying a different race for transport proving correct previous "Mass Effect: Andromeda" Ark Theory  reported by GamenGuide.

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Gameplay - Strict Classes Now Removed

One of the main changes gamers will most likely notice with the arrival of the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" release date is the removal of strict classes. This is perceived to be a major improvement as this means that one's playing style will not be locked due to class restrictions.

Instead, the upcoming "Mass Effect: Andromeda" will give players the freedom to choose which skill and abilities to unlock and use. However, gamers can swap skills and abilities anytime so as not to get tied down by previous decisions.

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Gameplay - Players Play As Pathfinder

An important mission will be given to gamers with the arrival of the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" release date next year. As the pathfinder, players will lead the group and is tasked with the primary objective of finding a habitable planet.

The "Mass Effect Andromeda" gameplay allow players to choose their character. They can either play as Scott or Sarah Ryder, children of another pathfinder Alec Ryder. Alec was the pathfinder of the Ark Hyperion, the same arc that is featured in the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" trailer below.

'Mass Effect Andromeda' Release Date

For now, a definite "Mass Effect: Andromeda" release date is yet to be officially announced by EA or Bioware. However, the previously announced window is that it would come out within the month of March 2017. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for updates.

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