Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Details Point At Weapon Paint, Naval Battles And More

By Prarthito Maity , Updated May 13, 2013 10:10 AM EDT

There are more details on the popular multiplayer mode in Battlefield 4. According to a recent Battlefield 4 survey, there are chances that the upcoming game might see the inclusion of a number of new features in its multiplayer mode.

The game, per the recent reveal, is set to bring forth the most advanced installment of Battlelog that will deliver “a level of social integration unrivaled by any other franchise in entertainment.” The upgraded Battlelog will allow players to schedule matches, change load-outs, keep track of the stats, check any related news and also keep tabs on friends across all digital devices.

The survey also revealed the potential box art of Battlefield 4.

While EA has confirmed the survey's legitmacy (and if history has taught us anything), this is still just a survey and these features may or may not be included in the final game.

And although some of the ideas mentioned – like battlepacks, characters, dynamic environments, naval battles, etc – sound awesome, given that the game is set to come out this Fall it may be too late to add these new features to the reatail product. They could be future DLC.

"Battlefield 4 extends the front past the shoreline with the addition of intense and dramatic water-based combat," the survey reads. "Pilot attack boats, RHIBs [rigid-hulled inflatable boats], and jet skis on swelling seas and stormy oceans.

"Experience a more dynamic battlefield where no two games will ever be the same," it adds. "Blow the foundations of a dam and flood the area of combat. Bump into a vehicle and its alarm will give away your position. Cut the power to a building and envelop the enemy in a cloak of darkness. Your actions physically change the battlefield in real time, providing interactive game environments that react to your every move."

Interestingly, the survey also talks about ‘Battlepacks’ as unlockable rewards. It states that the possible related rewards include bonus XP boosts, knives, and weapon attachments, alongside customization options “like soldier camos, weapon paints and dog tags [that] will let you play your way and stand out on the battlefield. The more you play the faster you earn them, but with 300 possible Battlepacks featuring more than 1200 items, you never know what you'll unlock."

Battlefield 4 is scheduled for a release later this year for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, with the next-gen versions of the game are still awaiting confirmation.

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