Samsung's Upcoming Foldable Phones Unveiled; Galaxy S8 To Sport A 6.2 Inch Display

By Godswarrior010 , Updated Nov 11, 2016 05:52 AM EST

The next big thing to land in Smartphones has finally come. After Apple's bold move to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, recent reports suggest that Samsung is currently working on a foldable handset scheduled to be released in the market in 2017.

Samsung's Foldable Phone To Come In Limited Supply

A recent patent application shows the proposed design for Samsung's upcoming device but it seems that the Tech Giant isn't too sure if anyone would buy the handset yet. According to the company, although they are capable of mass producing the foldable phones, premium models as such are usually made in small batches.  

"If the market would widely accept the upcoming handsets, foldable tablets, instead of smartphones are likely to be unveiled with panels facing outward, " A source told The Korea Herald. "The components needed for such come at a higher price so expect that the consumers would pay more for the device," he added.

The components needed for the foldable handsets are carefully studied and pieced together to ensure the safety of the consumers. Samsung makes sure that the Note 7 debacle wouldn't happen again this time.

Samsung Galaxy 8 Sports A 6.2 Display

Major changes for Samsung's smartphones will be taking place next year. Aside from the foldable phones, the company is building two phablet-sized phones with dual-edge screens for the upcoming Galaxy S8 line. One model will come in at 6.2 inches, with the smaller variant at 5.7 inches, Venturebeat reported.

Aside from the larger display, the S8 series will come with a curved-edged display. This feature allows the notifications to be displayed on the side of the device giving more room on the main screen.  The upcoming model will also ditch Samsung's long-standing home button and capacitive keys for on-screen navigation. Samsung S8 will be expected to don a super-smart AI voice assistant called Viv as it tries to take on Apple and Google.

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