Borderlands 2 DLC Character Krieg the Psycho Out Today, Skill Tree Is Live

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 14, 2013 09:36 AM EDT

Ready your bloodaxes, because Krieg the Psycho crash lands in Pandora today. Like they've done in the past, Gearbox has the skill tree calculator for the latest DLC character, Krieg the Psycho, up and ready to go on the Borderlands 2 homepage.

Much like Brick, psycho Krieg can go on a melee rampage fueled bloodpath. With skill tree names like "Mania," "Bloodlust," and "Hellborn," you can imagine just what kind of play style Krieg has. While Brick used his fists to pummel Pandoran psychos, Krieg deals damage with his Pandoran-style chainsaw, the blood axe.

The latest and last DLC character to arrive to Borderlands 2, Krieg is a psycho. Quite literally in fact. But unlike the rest of the psychos, arguably all of Pandora for that matter, he's actually a decent guy. With past tweets like, "ProTECT the wEak kill THE DESErvING," and "KiLL the BANdiTs kILL tHem KiLL HYPERIon gEt ReVENGE," beneath his bare chest that strains while clutching a bandit's throat beats the heart of a poet, a real sweetie pie.

The majority of his skills deal with adding bonuses to melee damage, and increases to particular stats while on fire. That's not some kind of NBA Jam reference, he actually enjoys being set on fire. Sounds like a perfect fit for something medieval...

He's available now for PC and Xbox 360, and will be available for download as soon as the PS Store updates later today (usually happens in the afternoon). Krieg will cost players $9.99 on PlayStation 3 or PC via Steam, and 800 MS Points for XBox-ers. Unlike the Mechromancer, Krieg is separate from the Season Pass, so everyone will have to fork over dolla dolla to play as this brute.

Take your time now, and figure out a plan for how you'd like to build Krieg. He'll be waiting for you...

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