Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Tipped On Track For 2017: Detailed Patent Reveals Design And Features

By Danny Smith , Updated Nov 14, 2016 12:09 AM EST

Samsung has started testing phones with flexible screens for a long time. While the Galaxy Edge line technically integrates a bendable screen beneath an unbending body, they also want to produce a phone that allows users to frequently bend or fold the unit. This plan could become the first Samsung foldable phone in the decade.

The Samsung foldable phone design could lead to a smartphone with many fascinating features. Winding a phone in half makes it stress-free to carry around and the phone's inwardly curved design could securely clasp the user's cheek when being used for calling.

The company is aiming that the Samsung foldable phone would be flexible, foldable and rollable although it might present technical hurdles. Not only do the screen itself has some hurdles to ovecome but the stuff inside has to be fixed or at least be placed in a zone where it won't get damaged says MBoi.

The public is expecting more designs from the tech giant. The Samsung foldable phone is one of the designs that was presented. Samsung also made phones that can be rolled up like a scroll.

Analysts think that the company will be able to create up to 10 million 7" flexible OLED screens a month by the end of 2017. The Samsung foldable phone design would certainly be a game changer in the market, although, its competitors are also rumored to catch up. Apple is rumored to introduce a flexible OLED display which is speculated to be presented in the iPhone 8 Plus unit.

According to OLED Technology, the ability to pour water in a unit is a fresh patent made by Samsung. Unlike most of the wacky schematics it has previously filed on the matter, The Samsung foldable phone design looks feasible, with a hinge in the middle that bears a resemblance to what we already have.

There is no question that the company is working on a Samsung foldable phone design. The question lies on how long the public have to wait until the foldable phones are equipped for show-and-tell.

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