'League of Legends' Pre-Season 7 Assassins Rework: LeBlanc, Rengar, Katarina, Talon, & Many More!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 13, 2016 11:25 PM EST

Assassins mark opponents, chase them, hunt them, and take them down once they leave their team in the game of "League of Legends". Assassin-type champions in the game play a major role of peeling down the enemies defenses and champions that go around and about without being detected. Ever since the great year of 2016, Riot games had formulated a special plan about the upcoming update on "League of Legends" for Season 7. The assassins are reworked and the skills of each are almost powerful as they look.

The Greater Lethality, The Greater The Kill

Based on the video from the "League of Legends" official channel in YouTube, assassins such as Rengar, Talon, Katarina, Leblance and others are revamped to another level to increase their "lethality" in "League of Legends." For Rengar's skills, all of it are revamped especially the first skill Savagery and passive called Unseen Predators. For Talon, parkour is added to make him the slippery in any team fights, which is the skill Assassin's Path.

For LeBlanc, the painful passive is added in "League of Legends" named Sigil of Malice, which creates a sigil around the opponent and once attacked either by skill or a normal attack, the damage is greatly increased. For Katarina, everything is revamped as well as added skill, which is called Preparation. Once Katarina reaches her blade on the ground, she then swings around in a circle once and causes damage. To view the update notes on every assassin, you can view it on "League of Legends" official webpage.

Other assassins Such As Fizz and Akali

Other than "League of Legends" revamps of certain assassins, the other assassins such a Fizz and Akali are also amazing. Fizz's ultimate skill is increased while Akali's passive is helpful from sticky situations. Players of "League of Legends" are still amazed by how "Riot games" have made the game even more awesome with new skill sets and revamped skills. For more updates on "League of Legends," stay tuned!

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