‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 510 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Mavis Meets Son Rahkeid; New Details About Natsu’s Family Revealed!

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 13, 2016 06:31 AM EST

It has now been revealed to the fans of "Fairy Tail" that Mavis is the mother of Rahkeid. Also, August had stated that the matriarch along has the ability to defeat the powerful son. The Fairy Tail Guild now has to knock down three of the strongest Spriggans. However, it still remains a mystery whether the guild can tear the strongest fighters apart. What fans should expect in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 509?

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 509 had shown how Jellal and the group were conquered by August. The Crime Sorciere was then requested to have a change of heart. This is when Jellal eventually chose the path toward Light. However, this decision was mocked by August.

August then talked about Rahkeid, who was then born with the power of Light. However, Rahkeid is could not truly express and learn to love. As it turns out, no one has ever loved Rahkeid, giving him neutral perception. The "Fairy Tail" Chapter 509 episode then shows Rahkeid eventually choosing Darkness over Light.

Later in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 509, Natsu is revealed to be a relative of Rahkeid. Natsu is the brother of Zeref, making him his uncle. Rahkeid then continues to air his sentiments, as his father favors his brother. Rahkeid then attacks Kagura and Yukino with the Blades of Light. Kagura is however confident on taking Rahkeid down by biting her tongue. As she attempts to cut Rahkeid, he successfully blocks the blade and eventually hurts Kagura.

On the "Fairy Tail" Chapter 509 is allegedly titled "The Heart of Natsu." Mavis will then be meeting her son, Rahkeid. Given the characteristics of Rahkeid, he will be defiant at first. However, it is highly likely that Mavis will eventually enlighten Rahkeid. When the time comes, Rahkeid will then be able to help the guild in taking Eileen down.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 510 will the show Mavis, the first guild master, to be using the black magic law. Fans should wait and see whether Zeref would be able to counterattack the Pleasure spell. "Fairy Tail" Chapter 10 will air on November 16. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Fairy Tail" Chapter 510 news and updates!

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