‘South Park’ Season 20 Episode 7 Latest News & Update: Trump Win Prompts Last-Minute Changes; Show Makes History by Dropping F-Word Uncensored

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 13, 2016 06:19 AM EST

The seventh episode of "South Park" Season 20 was a truly remarkable one. It was a roller coaster ride for both the production team and the fans. Also, there are some historic moments that happened here, as reflected in the real-life elections.

"Oh, Jeez"

From the very start, "South Park" creators have predicted that Hillary Clinton will be winning the US presidential elections. In fact, they were so sure of it that they have banked on this forecast to drive as a plot for "South Park" Season 20 Episode 7. However, the plan did not hold all too well when the Americans elected Trump instead.

As they never saw it coming, "South Park" Season 20 creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker had to scramble and rewrite some parts of the intended episode. Even the title had been changed from "The Very First Gentleman" to "Oh, Jeez." The simple expression echoed the production's dismay over Trump's win.

Despite the last-minute changes, however, the creators were still praised for having pulled-off the delightful episode. It is to be expected that some key elements slated to be featured in future episodes of "South Park" Season 20 had also been changed to adapt to the Trump presidency.

Making Historical Profanity

Aside from the title, some elements of "South Park" Season 20 Episode 7 were changed as well. However, what made "Oh, Jeez" so special is its historic use of the F-word. For the first time in the entire 20 seasons of "South Park," the F-word has never been aired uncensored in such an early time slot. This phenomenon now reflects the show's stand in the Trump presidency.

While the usage of the F-word in "South Park" Season 20 Episode 7 might be quite surprising, this was not the first time that the show pushed the boundaries of television censorship. In the premiere episode of "South Park" Season 5, the characters blurted out the S-word 162 times.

The next episode of "South Park" Season 20 will be airing on Wednesday, November 16. It runs on Comedy Central at 10PM ET.

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