'Final Fantasy 7' Remake Release Date, News & Update: Game Arriving in Time for FFVII 20th Anniversary? Square Enix to Confirm Details in December?

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Nov 13, 2016 03:44 AM EST

Fans are hoping that the "Final Fantasy 7" Remake will be up in time for the game's 20th anniversary next year. For long-time fans, it is a good idea for Square Enix to produce the new version of the "FFVII" for the anniversary because it can be considered as the landmark of the Final Fantasy franchise.

But, will "Final Fantasy 7" Remake really come out for the anniversary celebration? There is not much news about the game so the answer to the question is quite vague.

However, at the recent Lucca Comics & Games 2016 convention in Italy, fans were able to get bits of information regarding "Final Fantasy 7" Remake. During the gathering, Square Enix executive producer and FF brand manager, Shinji Hashimoto, discussed about the company's upcoming games and he briefly mentioned about "FFVII."

Siliconera notes that the information discussed were not big but Hashimoto confirmed that they are currently working hard on the production of "Final Fantasy 7" Remake. The brand manager also asked fans to please be patient and wait a little more and they will be releasing official details as soon as everything is in place.


Based on rumors and leaked details going around the internet, it is said that "Final Fantasy 7" remake will feature some of the characters from the original version. The chosen ones to make their appearance on the remake include well-loved characters like Cid Highwind, Vincent Valentine, Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockhart.

Release Date

Some sources say that the release date for "Final Fantasy 7" Remake might be announced at the PSX 2016. This event is taking place from Dec. 3 to Dec. 4 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

If not, some suggested that the announcement will happen at the 2017 Monaco Anime Game International Conferences instead. The MAGIC event is happening on Feb. 19, 2017 and it was said that Square Enix director, Tetsuya Nomura, will confirm details about "Final Fantasy 7" Remake there.

At this time, while Square Enix has not made any commitments with regards to the arrival of "Final Fantasy 7" Remake, game experts have estimated that the earliest arrival time of the game is likely to be in 2018. This is because, "Final Fantasy XV" has been scheduled for release this Nov. 29 while "Kingdom Hearts 3" has been set for 2017 release.

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