'Minecraft' Latest News & Update: Mojang Unveils Ender 1.0 Update, Features New Boss Battle Against Ender Dragon

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 13, 2016 06:52 PM EST

"Minecraft" fans hyped up following an announcement from developer Mojang that the building game was slated for major update to include Window 10, Pocket and Gear VR versions.

Call it as another reason to celebrate the holidays because what was canonically dubbed as Ender Update 1.0 will unleash before 2016 ends. Meaning, players will witness new contents and game changes any moment from today. "Minecraft" will finally swerve from original gameplay of carefree gameplay into somewhat more challenging should the gamer opt for it.

Players can expect some barriers in "Minecraft" gameplay now that The End Dimension is looming. IGN reported that another twist is Ender Dragon which is tantamount to "Minecraft" boss battle for Windows 10 and mobile gamers. Further, players can explore and expand possibilities as Mojang confirmed that block height will almost double to 256 blocks from current 128.

Now for those worrying that "Minecraft" update is going to ruin their pockets, this pack is free for those who already own the game. This is regardless whether Windows 10, Gear VR or Pocket Edition. Now to make "Minecraft" family bigger, upcoming Apple TV Edition will also benefit from all contents and updates.

Android users are probably the luckiest in the group considering that they are already enjoying the beta version of "Minecraft" Ender 1.0 update. It is noteworthy that this version is still in testing stage so the content is limited while the remainder trickle in before the end of this year. Unfortunately, there are limited information about the upcoming contents apart from those mentioned earlier. This is because Mojang declined to spoil additional details about "Minecraft" Ender 1.0 update, Phone Arena said.

Now to cap up, there was a Boss update launched in July for mobile-based "Minecraft," Gear VR and Windows 10. This featured Ocean Monuments and a grueling battle with Elder Guardian Wither.

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