'Rainbow Six Siege' News and Updates: Ubisoft Confirmed New Full Content for Another Year

By Cores Grace Malaay , Updated Nov 14, 2016 12:32 PM EST

"Rainbow Six Siege" will have a new content for one more year as confirmed by its publisher and developer, Ubisoft Entertainment. It concentrates on 5v5 tactical gameplay and methodical pace while being highly competitive with other shooter games.

Ubisoft has confirmed on Twitter that it will support new content for another year. "The past year has been an incredible journey and we are excited to have you join us for another full year of content," the "Rainbow Six Siege" official account wrote on Twitter earlier today.

The announcement came to pass following reports that a new season is possible. Ubisoft announced it during a stream focused on the fourth DLC pack which is expected to launch later this month, according to PC Gamer. There have been no details yet about the next season and whether it will get its gist from the first season which contained four new maps and eight new operators.

It was also reported earlier that "Rainbow Six Siege" will have its fifth and final content released later this year in the form of Red Crow through which the Japanese Special Assault Team is its focal point. For the map, art director Gregory Fromenteau said, "You are mobilized to neutralize an organized crime threat within a Yakuza-filled mansion high above the streets of Nagoya. There is a faction within the Higasiyama-gumi that rebels against their leader, which triggers terrible violence."

A new caliber-based destruction system comes with the free update as well. According to Ubisoft, both impact zone and fragility sphere will be "weapon-specific", which simply makes calibers more powerful and will make bigger bullet holes.

Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six Siege" is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft that puts tactical combat and destruction at the center of the action.

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