Comics That Need The Video Game Treatment Right Now

By Ural Garrett , Updated May 19, 2013 08:08 AM EDT

Sure, obvious comic book properties like Wolverine and Batman just fit well within the realm of gaming but, there are plenty of others that are below the radar yet could actually work. The franchises listed below have yet to get a video game treatment but seem perfect for it. Some of these works of art have transitioned well into film and TV but, not to consoles or even PC. Time for developers to get those creative juices flowing and have at it. 


Released by Vertigo imprint of DC Comics from 2005-2000, Preacher tells the story of small Texas town preacher Jesse Custer. During a sermon, he is possessed by a angle/demon hybrid named Genesis and ends up killing his entire congregation. Through his possession, he gains an ability dubbed the "Word of God." This power pretty much makes him the most powerful human being that's ever existed. With powers like that, everyone and thing from heaven to hell wants to either harness his power or flat out destroy him. Since most consoles already have some form of voice recognition technology, that "Word of God" power could work. Alongside Custer's story, one of the Preacher's most popular characters is the Patron Saint of Murders and Assassination himself, Saint of Killers. This invincible figure is made badass with two cult revolvers that never run out of bullets and always hits their mark. 

Ghost World 

Daniel Clowes released this series between 1993 - 1997 and it was eventually turned into the great Terry Zwigoff film staring Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson and Steve Buscemi. With the popularity of non action games like Catherine, a game based on Ghost World could work. For those who don't know, Ghost World follows best friends Enid Coleslaw and Rebbecca Doppelmeyer who recently graduated from high school. The two extremely witty yet aimless women's transition to adulthood is sober and honest, something video games could use more of. 


Seeing that there have already been two games released in The Darkness series and an awesome television show created with Yancy Butler starring as Sara Pezzini, a Witchblade game needs to be made. The Witchblade is an offspring of the Darkness and Angelus (another comic that needs its own game). The story of the Witchblade stretches throughout history and is ripe for a video game treatment. 


Jim Lee and Brandon Choi's WildC.A.T.s was always seen as Xmen on steroids. WildC.A.T.s centers around the centuries long war between alien races called Kherubim and Daemonites. An Xmen: Legends treatment could work seeing that each member of the original team has spun off into its own series. 

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