Pokemon Go' News and Update: 'Pokemon Go' Marketing Compares 'Pokemon Go' To 'World Of Warcraft'. Will 'Pokemon Go' Live Up To The Comparison?

By Glen Quilat , Updated Nov 15, 2016 02:09 AM EST

The Niantic lab's chief marketing officer compares "Pokemon Go" to "World of Warcraft" during an interview with Eurogamer. The Chief marketing officer was talking about his confidence that the mobile game "Pokemon Go" will match the lifespan of the game "World of Warcraft" and other long-running titles. He is confident that their mobile game will pass the status of being just a novelty.

Despite the numerous setbacks since "Pokemon Go's" launch back in July, the game experienced unprecedented success. "Pokemon Go's" major triumphs pushed its developers to feel optimistic about their mobile game's future.

"Pokemon Go" definitely has a place in gaming history. The developers, Niantic labs, did not expect the massive popularity that "Pokemon Go" would reach. They had to double or triple up their staff to meet their needs.

Another way for "Pokemon Go" to sustain longevity is for them to lessen Niantics internal problems and rise up from their huge setbacks. According to Axiom Capital Management, developers did make a couple of poor decisions that inevitably led to a loss of 15 million of its daily users.

Niantic also received major criticism when they blocked third party apps of "Pokemon Go." Niantic's chief marketing officer Mike Quigley said they would stand by this decision to keep the game going. Quigley worries these setbacks will affect their relationship with The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

"Pokemon Go" developers have been working hard to keep the success. In an interview with GamesTM producer, Junichi Masuda spoke that the Development of "Pokemon Go" is focused on catching Pokemons and moving players to go out and have fun while playing the mobile game. He added that they will be continually releasing information to keep the "Pokemon Go" gamers excited with something to look forward to.

Recently Niantic has been making huge positive steps in getting back its lost "Pokemon Go" player-base. They have been winning its users back with seasonal events, daily bonuses and regular updates.

Niantic sees "Pokemon Go" to be more than a simple mobile game but more of an MMO like "World Of Warcraft." With all their efforts, they are optimistic that "Pokemon Go's" staying power will be at par with "World of Warcraft."

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