'League of Legends' Latest News & Update: Champion Shyvana Rework: Scorched Earth & Nerf or Buff Conflict

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 15, 2016 06:57 AM EST

"League of Legends" is on a roll today because of the upcoming updates that will be slowly enhancing the gameplay for players. Alongside the assassins and map reworks, each champion is reworked as well one by one.

Players have already witnessed the first stage from the "League of Legends" pre-season 7 updates. Now, other champions aside from assassins are reworked in preparation for "League of Legends" Season 7, which comes next year. One of these League of Legends champion revealed is Shyvana, the Half-dragon.

Something new in the fireball skill

Based on the video from Redmercy, the skills for "League of Legends" champion Shyvana are similar when you first look at it. However, it is quite similar after all when you view the conditions in the description. First, the bonus in the passive Dragon born is removed, that gives extra armor and magic resist. Instead, it is replaced with boosts every time you and your team kills a dragon and depends on what type of dragon you or your team killed.

Second, the skill Burnout grows in size while you are in dragon form. Third, the third skill Flame Breath passes through minions but only explodes when it hits an enemy champion. Lastly, the dragon form or Dragon's Descent, which is Shyvana's ultimate skill grants health depending on the skill level as well as growing in size. In addition, the last skill cannot be interrupted in the middle of the fight like stuns and knock-ups in "League of Legends".

The conflict during early game

As based on the report and opinion from Spike the Pike, the author of one of the highest rated Shyvana guides in Mobafire, Shyvanan's early game, and farming might be an issue. The opinions are based on the test in the Public Beta Environment. Shyvana's bonus armor and magic resist in the passive is removed, which makes her squishy early game.

You can view the entire and detailed report from Spike here. Players of "League of Legends" are expecting updates such as update 6.23 that includes Elementalist Lux and others. For more updates, tune in for more!

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