'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Latest News & Updates: Check Out New Ultra Beasts & Z-Moves!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Nov 15, 2016 08:00 AM EST

Guess what? "Pokemon" fans have just one week left until "Pokemon Sun & Moon" finally arrives for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has no plans of slowing down the hype train with a brand new trailer coming out yesterday for the game.

After many new Pokemon and Alolan variatons of Generation 1 Pokemon revealed over the past couple of months, this time, the new "Pokemon Sun & Moon" trailer focuses on Ultra Beasts. Ultra Beasts are another level of creature in the "Pokemon" universe, defying what fans thought they know about Pokemon in the world. The new revealed Ultra Beasts are called UB-03 Lightning and UB-05 Glutton, and they look like they mean serious business, reports GameSpot.

The new Z-Moves for the "Pokemon Sun & Moon" starter final evolutions have already been revealed in this trailer as well. Z-Moves, for those who don't know, are powerful special moves a Pokemon can pull off when the time is right and it's holding a Z-Crystal. Decidueye (the final form of Grass-type Rowlet) has a Grass-type Z-Move called Power Raid. Primarina (the final form of Popplio) has a Water-type Z-move called Oceanic Operetta. Additionally, Incineroar (the final form of Litten) has a Dark-type Z-move called Malicious Moonsault, playing heavily on its pro wrestling base.

There will be version-specific Pokemon, as usual, for each game in "Pokemon Sun & Moon," as revealed on Reddit. Most of the version-specific Pokemon are confirmed, but it remains to be seen whether the Alolan versions of Diglett and its evolution Dugtrio will be specific to a particular version.

"Pokemon Sun & Moon" comes out next week, November 18, for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan and the U.S. European players will have to wait for another week on November 23. In other news, Nintendo is also working on some form of crossover or interaction between "Pokemon Sun & Moon" and "Pokemon Go."

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